About Finisia

Finisia let Skin care products are no longer just skin care products.

菲妮夏 醫美保養品,是與台灣醫美保養品界的專業研發團隊一起合作研發,並採用最先進的萃取技術及由國外專利技術授權的諾貝爾明星產品 富勒烯 ,作為 菲妮夏醫美保養品 的基礎原料,富勒烯 已在醫美界裡被廣泛使用,其對皮膚的 抗氧化,抗紫外線,亮白提拉緊實 都有相當的成效。 菲妮夏 創辦人秉持著資源共享,共創藍海的宗旨,與海內外的經銷商,一起合作共襄盛舉,把好的產品推薦到末端的消費者,把市場紮實的做大,我們擁有最專業的研發團隊及使用最頂級的原料做基礎,讓愛美的女性們,感受到我們團隊為她們研發最優質產品的用心。

FINISIA's skin care products, is a product Research and Developed by the most strongest and professional R&D TEAM from the industry of skin care products here in Taiwan,and also combine the latest Advanced plants herbal EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY to produce the best and highest quality of skin care products, and FINISIA also using with the NOBEL AWARDS " FULLERENSE " the AUTHORIZED BY FOREIGN PATENT TECHNOLOGY. As major ingredients foundation of FINISIA skin care products. FULLERENSE has been known well as "GOD's GIFT FOR LADIES FROM HEAVEN ",Because of its ANTI- OXIDATION, ANTI-UV, AND IT ALSO LET SKIN BECOME MORE BRIGHT AND WHITENING, there are quite a lot of result are proving . The Dermatologist and Aesthetic industries , It has been widely used FULLERENSE into skin care products as major ingredients world wide. The founder of FINISIA. Always said :"SHARING THE RESOURCES WITH PARTNERS, WORK OUT THE WEALTH TOGETHER, CREATING THE BETTER FUTURES FOR EACH OTHER " as his business motto. He always using his kindness heart to work out the market and create the market world wide, and he also hope, the best skin care products developed by his most professional team in the industry , can spread out successfully to the merket and end users hand worldwide. He also know and understand what is most concerned and needs of ladies for her skin…, this is a reason why he created and founded FINISIA skin care products, let all ladies can own and using the best quality skin care products with affordable price.